Spam Filtering

If you are absolutely fed up with the number of spam emails you get every day, then please read on.

We can show you how to stop spammers in their tracks.

One of our senior technicians will come on-site to review your current situation and help you determine which spam solution will work best for your company. We'll show you how to:

  • Quarantine virus riddled spam before it ever gets to your in-box.
  • Filter spam without blocking important emails you want.
  • Keep your email address off the spammer lists.

And if you don't have in-house e-mail, we can also show you how to:

  • Save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on costly bandwidth and ISP fees by bringing your email in-house.
  • Prevent your ISP's spam filter from blocking important, non-spam emails you need to receive.
  • Make it easier to set up new email accounts.
  • Set up a safe and secure filing system to store all of your important email.
  • Eliminate the file size limitations on your in-box.

Please Contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of spam management.

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