Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Plan for the future. How fast could you be back up and running in the event of a disaster?  How secure is your data ... really?  Is all of your critical data being backed up, every day?  Are you really protected from hackers, viruses and human error?  Do you know what steps and costs would be involved to rebuild your server and recover your data if you had to?

We can help you to:-

  • Pinpoint any exposure or risk to potential lapses in security, data, backup, power outages and system downtime.
  • Review your system backups to make sure the data CAN be recovered in case of a disaster.  You don't want to discover that your backups were corrupt AFTER a major disaster wiped out your network.
  • Scan your network for hidden spyware and viruses that hackers "plant" in your network to steal information, deliver spam and track your online activities.
  • Outline a powerful and comprehensive line of defence against even the most evasive and deadly computer viruses, hackers and spam for your specific network.
  • Answer any questions you have about your network or keeping it running problem free.  We can also give you a second opinion on any projects you are considering.

Please Contact us if you would like to discuss specific problems you are experiencing in your business.

T:  0141 419 9160     E:  info@kiteit.com



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