Email On The Move

Email is so extensive that it is now the foremost method of daily communication for many people.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, mobile technology development has focused on making it easy for you to communicate exactly the way you want to.

Kite IT can help guide you through the mobile email options on offer to you, including:-

  • Push email. Called push email because as soon as someone sends an email to you, it is automatically "pushed" to your mobile phone.  This is the most convenient way to get email on the move.
  • Get email. If the emails aren't being pushed to your phone, your phone has to go and get them. At regular intervals, the phone will connect to your email server and download your new emails.  This can often offer increased battery life between charges versus push.
  • Browse to your email. Browse to your email using your phone's web browser.  Access your office's webmail from a mobile phone.
  • Use a laptop. The last option for getting email on the move is to use a laptop and connect to the internet via a public wifi connection, somewhere like a cafe, or get a mobile broadband dongle.

Please Contact us if you could use some guidance through this rapidly changing technology.

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